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The article you quote concerns the use of the quadro4 card with linux. Our cuda user base also has a large linux contingent. Can linux run a gpucomputing application written for windows. Torvalds explained shortly that nvidia has been one of the worst companies to work with linux project which makes it even worse that nvidia ships a high number of chips for android devices which use linux inside. Proprietary nvidia linux driver contains privilege escalation hole 180. S3 graphics fails at delivering linux driver slashdot. For the unfamiliar, nouveau is an alternative to nvidias proprietary drivers on linux, and although it remains in a relatively rough state in. Nvidia is better for closedsource linux gpu drivers, amd. Dated experience with amd was that features appeared and disappeared and changed between versions. Fortunately for linux users, there are the third party graphics drivers ppa which keeps an updated nvidia driver for installation. Could linux ever become fully compatible with windows and mac software. Since they have to write quadro drivers for this market anyway, its easy for them to support consumerlevel nvidia cards too. Hps official statement says the problems are attributable to the computers motherboard and that affected machines may not.

Amds open source linux driver trounces nvidias slashdot. The nouveau driver is now being considered stable within the linux kernel and leaving the staging area, with the pledge of a stable abi. Richard gray writes should linux accept proprietary videographics drivers from likes of nvidia and ati. Its been a long time coming for the proprietary gpu driver stacks to support waylandmir, but with todays 364. Nvidia has became the latest chipmaker to release software patches for the spectre microchip security threat, indicating that the chipset flaw was affecting graphic processors as well as cpus. An anonymous reader writes the open source nouveau driver, a reverseengineered incarnation of nvidias official proprietary driver for linux, has reached its biggest milestone. The natural inclination for linux users is to favour amd or intel products and. People are weighing in with mostly bad news about how well these new drivers work. Version 390 of nvidia s graphics drivers, likely to arrive in january, will be the last to contain support for 32bit versions of windows 7, 88. An anonymous reader writes andy ritger, who leads the nvidia unix graphics team responsible for creating drivers on linux, freebsd and. Very much a troll as amd has been paying for open source developers to speed the turn around of the foss drivers in the hope to get them to parity with the proprietary release and eventually replace it, and when it comes to gpgpu its not a secret nvidia pushes cuda while amd pushes opencl which this ask slashdot is specifically asking for so the choice seems to be pretty cut and dried. An anonymous reader writes after 50 days of the phoronix editorinchief exclusively using ati radeon hardware in his system, he has issued his final blog post dubbed the state of ati linux.

An anonymous reader writes phoronix last week tested 65 graphics cards on open source drivers under linux and the best result was generally with the open source amd radeon drivers. Slashdot is powered by your submissions, so send in your scoop. An anonymous reader quotes a report from ars technica. Macs and pcs run on the exact same intelamd nvidia hardware as linux. In the case of nvidia graphics they tend to do a good job maintaining their legacy driver branches. Intel is still a year out from releasing their first discrete graphics processors, but the company has begun publishing their opensource linux gpu driver code. An anonymous reader writes the opensource intel linux graphics driver has hit a milestone of now being. Should be a good read for those that have been frustrated with linux drivers in the past or that a. Ati was a big letter trash in the eye of open source community especially during that 20002010 their linux drivers where nowhere compared to nvidia. To write opensource graphics drivers without help from nvidia or ati is tough.

Proprietary nvidia linux driver contains privilege escalation hole more login. With no open source solution and no closed source solution, we can simply stare as a fact that their support simply sucks. The general public license is a powerful license with a powerful ideology. Even when not thinking that everything linux should be open source, nvidia does not provide a working linux driver for its optimus cards that is, 90% of cards sold in laptops today. Every time the kernel changes, the video driver must be updated. This week they began by publishing patches on top of their existing intel linux driver for supporting device local memory for dedicated video memory as part of their restructuring effort to support discrete graphics cards.

Nvidia display driver service attack escalates privileges on windows machines. The default nvidia nforce drivers for linux kinda sucked, so some opensource people developed forcedeth. Phoronix, which traditionally benchmarks with opensource opengl games and other longstanding tests, recently has taken specially interest in adapting some newer steambased titles for automated benchmarking. There is no indication that other data has been compromised. A free and opensource graphics device driver is a software stack which controls. Thing that keeps me using nvidia on linux is that their drivers are actually pretty solid. To that end, nvidia has detailed how its gpus are affected by the speculative execution attacks and has started releasing updated drivers that tackle the issue. Nvidia gpus werent immune to spectre security flaws either. The graphics driver is both monstrously large and operates at a very low level, there are going to be. The slashdot story concerns drivers for nvidia cards for freebsd. The difference is when an update with windows or linux buggers up the drivers, i can get the original driver from nvidia inteamd and fix it myself. Download drivers for nvidia products including geforce graphics cards, nforce motherboards, quadro workstations, and more. Nvidia display driver service attack escalates privileges on windows machines 129.

In the linux kernel development community, linus torvalds has made strong. Phoronix and slashdot reported in 2012 that rob clark, inspired by the lima. Nvidia removed linux driver feature for feature parity. Some people are finding that neverwinter nights doesnt work and theyre reverting to th. Tests of the amd catalyst driver with the latest aaa linux gamesengines have shown what poor shape the proprietary radeon driver currently is in for linux gamers. Free and opensource graphics device driver wikipedia. However, the number of linux driver downloads from nvidia. Unlike windows, nvidia drivers for linux desktops are quite hard to come by, and installing the latest drivers on your linux desktop can be quite an arduous process. Nvidias only other option is massive duplication of effort and a fork of the linux kernel. S3 graphics fails at delivering linux driver more login. Brian stretch writes nvidia posted the first publically available linux graphics drivers for the athlon 64 aka hammer series on their website today. Remybr writes softpedia points to a nvidia developer zone forum post revealing that the company has removed a specific linux feature as of the v310 drivers due to the windows platform. Os x lion ships with faulty nvidia drivers slashdot. An anonymous reader writes the nvidia binary driver has been exploited by an anonymous hacker, who reported it to nvidia months ago and it was never fixed.

If you wish to see evidence of that, look at nforce. The model has already proven itself, but sometimes mistakes happen. The driver and install directions can be found on nvidias website. What has been your experience on nvidia drivers with linux. Nvidia driver developer discusses linux graphics slashdot. Same mobos, same cpus and gpus, same ram and storage devices. Nvidia lacky writes ran across a new article from that goes through nvidia s new driver release and also takes a first look at a cinefxbased nvidia card, the quadro fx under linux. The code drop is imminent and they are encouraging the use of it for quick. Nvidia has reportedly been breached in the first week of december, with the attack compromising personal information of the employees. Nvidia is pretty much the only game in town for linux graphics workstations, something which quite a few companies are using these days eg. While most people have probably made the switch by now, yet another reason to drop 32bit operating systems and move to 64bits is coming. Nvidia begins providing opensource 3d driver support.

An anonymous reader writes nearly one year after linux creator linux torvalds publicly bashed nvidia and several years after their multigpu mobile technology premiered, the graphics vendor has finally delivered an optimussupported linux driver. Amd catalyst is the broken wheel for linux gaming slashdot. Opensource gpu drivers show less than ideal experience for steamoslinux gaming more login. Lunarg, on contract with valve software, discovered a critical shortcoming with the opensource intel linux graphics driver that was handicapping the performance. Amd is opensourcing their official vulkan linux driver. Hardware accelerated multimonitor support in linux. As you say, nothing to do with nvidia, entirely down the packager. When nvidia saw forcedeth was already better than their proprietary linux drivers, they contributed a lot of. Nvidia releases updated drivers for freebsd slashdot. But the early reports by users are less than encouraging. Barence writes hp has revealed faults with 38 different models in its slimline pc range, sparking speculation that nvidia s faulty gpu problems have spread beyond laptops. Thats now changed with amd now opensourcing their official vulkan driver.

An anonymous reader writes in a 15way graphics card comparison on linux of both the open and closedsource drivers, it was found that the opensource amd linux graphics driver is much faster than the opensource nvidia driver on ubuntu. Os x lion ships with faulty nvidia drivers more login. An anonymous reader writes andy ritger, who leads the nvidia unix graphics team responsible for creating drivers on linux, freebsd and solaris, has answered many questions at phoronix about the state of linux graphics, gaming, and drivers. Mojokid writes nvidia and intel have always had an interesting relationship, consisting of a dash of mutual respect and a whole lot of underthecollar disdain. Heres a related nvidia story about a commercial studio using linux and nvidia related. The nouveau driver is now being considered stable within the linux kernel and leaving the. Opensource nvidia driver goes stable on linux slashdot. This is according to an email sent out by the companys privacy office and nvidia s svp and cio bob worwall on december 17th. Now how much of it pertained to desktop gaming versus how much gaming benefits from. Nvidia s stance is to neither help nor hinder nouveau. Again, on linux at least, you can install both amd and nvidias drivers if you want to utilize your cpu via amd driver and nvidia gpu via nvidia driver at the same time, although there are some minor framework related hoops to jump through to get parallel. Norsefire writes nvidia is joining the linux foundation, along with three other tobeannounced companies.

Theyre based on nvidia drivers, just like linux is based off of unix to a lesser extent, however what i appreciate the most about them is the installer isnt nearly as. As one of the three big makers of graphics chips for pcsthe other two are intel and amd, both of which are longtime linux foundation members nvidia s increased participation in linux could be big news for users of the free and open source operating system. Recently several stories have floated into the bin regarding troubles with nvidia and linux. Its been a long time coming for the proprietary gpu driver stacks to support waylandmir, but with todays. Intel starts publishing opensource linux driver code for. Blender developers find old linux drivers are better. Gpled code found its way into a closedsource kernel module. This week they put out a 35graphicscard comparison using the proprietary amd nvidia drivers with the other 30 cards being too old for the latest main drivers under ubuntu 14. Slashdot is powered by your submissions, so send in your scoop nickname. The gpl forbids use of gpled code in closedsource, proprietary software. After being desired by nvidia linux users for years, the proprietary geforce graphics driver natively supports wayland and mir as an alternative to an x. If nvidia wants to really compete in the linux marketplace, then the gpl is a powerful enticement. Major performance improvement discovered for intels gpu.

We are committed to supporting linux through a an open source 2d nv x driver which nvidia engineers actively maintain and improve, and b our fully featured proprietary linux driver which leverages common code with the other platforms that nvidia supports. An anonymous reader writes the open source nouveau driver, a reverseengineered incarnation of nvidia s official proprietary driver for linux, has reached its biggest milestone. Nvidia linux graphics powers a respectable portion of the 3d workstations. While many of you have likely heard of the radv opensource vulkan driver, its been a communitywritten driver up to this point in the absence of amds official, crossplatform vulkan driver being opensource. The gpl written by fsf says that the license prohibits proprietary drivers.

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