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The expert sphere grid is a bit better for allowing choices, as just about everyone starts nearish the middle one of the things i tend to do using the expert sphere grid is take auron and wakka initially backwards into tidus area to pick up haste and. Eventually another of your characters will have all the skills he does. It is one of the strongest spells in the game and is located in the center of the sphere grid. When i booted up my copy of final fantasy xx2 hd remaster, i encountered an option i had never seen before. Ive never been a big fan of the guy but as im working through the game again ive decided to give him another go. Hd retextures of the spheres and sphere grids normal and expert done in vanilla original. While he does have his own part of the sphere grid, it is very limited especially so in the expert sphere grid as parts have been taken out because he no longer has to have a way of moving between other sphere grids. Final fantasy x hd game mod yuna hd retexture 8k and 4k. Some characters, like auron and rikku, have their uses, such as rikkus steal and aurons early armor break, but they lose steam towards the end. I have just reached the point of his sphere grid running out of nodes. Also, no matter what sphere grid you pick, kimahri is a free character who is meant to be able to fit any role from the getgo. As the title states, im wondering what everyones opinions are on what role they believe is the best for kimahri to playwhich path to take down the sphere grid. Okay so in the game there are 3 hiddin aeons, anima, yojimbo and the magus sisters. Use a special ability found in rikkus section of the sphere grid.

Return to the previous save sphere to save your game. Final fantasy x is a roleplaying video game developed and published by square as the tenth entry in the final fantasy series. Only kimahri may activate nodes on the sphere grid, and he may only do. Introduction this guide isnt supposed to an indepth guide to the grid sphere system. Hd spheres and sphere grid retexture original style.

How do you handle kimahris location in the sphere grid. Fully customize his sphere grid, learn aeons alongside yuna, unlock unique overdrives, grapple. Kimahri takes the role of the everflexible blue mage in final fantasy x, most notably through hit ronso rage overdrive. In order to fully unlock the weapon you must also obtain the corresponding crests and sigils in order to add on abilities. This walkthrough has been organized into chapters for easy viewing. Step once you have completed the whole sphere grid you will have to go back through it and fill in the empty nodes with hp, strength, defence, magic, magic defense, mp, agility, luck, evasion and accuracy spheres. Final fantasy x hd game mod kimahri hd retexture 8k and.

The sphere grid becomes accessible right after rikku explains how to use it in a short tutorial. Ricky gervais hosting golden globes 2016 all his funny bits and monologue edited together duration. Yuna, because of her broken summoning, riku, because of her speed and easytomax pathing through tidus sphere, and lulu, because magic. Final fantasy x hd kimahri hd retexture 8k and 4k catachrism v. Planning ahead for late game kimahri, rikku, auron. Final fantasy x is one of the longest games in the series. Each character has this gigantic sphere grid that determines the abilities and strengths of the characters. The file kimahri hd retexture 8k and 4k catachrism v. Hd spheres and sphere grid retexture original style catachrism. Final fantasy x ps2 walkthrough part 51 leveling up. When playing ffx you have to plan ahead for the late game. With an exception for his default jump overdrive, kimahri must use his lancet ability to learn new ronso rages overdrives. This mod includes a new sphere grid focused on a job system like in final fantasy x2 costume spheres. Ffxhd sphere grid trophies final fantasy x hd psnprofiles.

Also, kimahri s better offensive overdrives tend to rely on his magic stat, so yunas grid helps out there too. Tired of switching your party members all the time. It divided the characters into their specialized paths like tidus for fast, physical attacking. Kimahris sphere grid final fantasy x forum neoseeker. Final fantasy features some of the finest graphics ever to grace the. Steam community guide starting out with the sphere grid. The original sphere grid models the original, easy sphere grid american ffx players had before. I need to use a lvl 1 unlock and go into someone elses. Kimahri is exactly in the middle of the sphere grid with a couple level 2 keys you can make kimahri a thief, a brawn no brain, a speed demon, or a white blackboth mage. Auron keeps on gaining life but his attacks become less and less powerful as he gains lvls.

This ability is similar to blue magic or enemy skill in other final fantasy games. Im personally on the expert sphere grid and that opens up even more possibilities, though im keeping the other characters on their own paths for the most part. New sphere grid mod job system version at final fantasy xx. Final fantasy x tells the story of tidus, a blitzball star who one day awakens to find himself in a strange new world plagued by an entity called sin final fantasy x was originally released in 2001, but rumblings of an hd remake began in 2012.

Max statistics 760303d0 00000000 04401a2f beb471ee 244f4a96 eb8f18d7 14401a36 bfbc18f6 04401a2f beb451fe kimahri max sphere level 76056230 00000000 04401029 3eb4714e kimahri. Final fantasy x x2 kimahri character information samurai gamers. When enough ap is earned, the character gains a sphere level s. Unlock seymour as a playable character before kilika, replacing kimahri as the partys maverick. Kimahri begins with a very small available area of the sphere grid, fenced in by several level 1 sphere locks. Another head scratching angle of ffx was the sphere grid. It requires you to fill up every single node on the sphere grid with a stat enhancement and then have one of the characters activate every single node on the sphere grid.

Less than two minutes into the game and i was already completely stumped. Providing uptodate information on all final fantasy games as well as unlimited media for download. The reason for this is that i wanted to direct discussion into an open place without bogging the patch thread. I need to use a lvl 1 unlock and go into someone elses grid. Guide starting out with the sphere grid steam community. After selecting tidus for the sphere grid, you look around his immediate. A spell found in the middle of the sphere grid technically closest to kimahris starting point. Before you proceed further, make sure that kimahris sphere grid is well leveled. Final fantasy x hd yuna hd retexture 8k and 4k catachrism v. Kimahri 4k and 8k ixion hd shiva hd bahamut hd yojimbo summon hd young auron hd yunalesca hd shoopuf hd. Each character who joins the party has a predesignated starting point on the grid. To get yojimbo you have to go to the cavern of stollen fayth, which is located in the gorgego under the 1st bridge after the save sphere leading to mt.

Kimahri was, in the base grid, in the very center with a very small chunk of the overall grid, the devs seem to have designed him to go down someone elses grid. Where kimahri started in the sphere grid was, quite frankly, an insult. Depending on how you build his sphere grid, kimahri can turn out as a. Need a kick ass black mage earlier on but dont like using lulu. Normal vs expert sphere grid ffx hd if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. You just need to move around it, activating as many nodes as you can. So tiny in fact he has to go to others sphere grids to level up at all. Introduction welcome to the toughest challenge in final fantasy x. Which ever path you choose for kimahri, he will always be a lesser version of that character, so it isnt particularly useful. Tidus 4k and 8k yuna 4k and 8k wakka 4k and 8k auron 4k and 8k rikku 4k and 8k lulu 4k and 8k.

This will require unlocking all sphere locks and grinding stat spheres from the monster arena to fill in the sphere grid. Use a level 1 key sphere to the left to rikkus grid. At first glance, the sphere grid in final fantasy x can be a bit intimidating to look at for a firsttime player. On the final fantasy x menu, the game asked me if i wanted to use the standard sphere grid or the expert sphere grid. Anyway, just looked at the trophy list and i cant wait to collect my platinum for ffx. Character information for kimahri ronso, a character in final.

Now fill in the whole sphere grid using step 10 and 11, this should take a good 510 hours to do. You can get lv1 lock spheres as soon as mushroom road i think. By the time you reach miihen highroad, youll have received a few level 1 key. The swiss army knives of the game are kimahri, tidus, and rikku. Imo the best way to use kimahri is a utility tool for early access on the sphere grid. I realise you already did this, but i thought id mention it anyway. The celestial weapons are the strongest weapons available for each of the characters available in the game. By the time he finishes wakkas end of the grid im nearing the end of the story anyways so making a quick switch over to tidus or aurons is always fair game. Its odd to be talking about final fantasy xi so soon after the release of ffx. I never put much deep thought into it when i was playing on ps2 and im.

At first glance, the sphere grid in final fantasy x can be a bit. Kimahri is taken to steal and use on rikkus grid at the absolute minimum, steal will allow kimahri to obtain level 3 key spheres from a battle in wich only he participates, through two level 1. Final fantasy x ff10 or ffx is the tenth installment in square enixs long running fantasy rpg series. Due to location on the sphere grid, ap gain speed, and beginning stats. Experience ffx at a dramatically increased difficulty level.

Character advancement is one of the defining aspects of any roleplaying game, and final fantasy x uses an interesting system for it that. Tidus with two sphere levels in final fantasy x hd remaster. I havent played ffx for a good few years til i picked up the hd remaster a few weeks ago, i have no idea what to dowhat i used to do with kimahri, all i remember he was one of my strongest on one playthrough think i took him on aurons path but hes just about entered lulus path on this one. Register yourself as a member of eyes on final fantasy in order to post, have less ads, be able to read more thread replies per page, and much much more. The no sphere gridno summonno overdrive challenge was designed for those who find the normal game and standard no sphere grid challenge too easy, and want an extra challenge. Also, kimahris better offensive overdrives tend to rely on his magic stat, so yunas grid helps out there too. While this is the highest degree of luck, keep in mind placing it now will require backtracking later on, possibly, since you lack a fortune sphere with which. While each of the characters has his or her own section, you can remove the locks between the different sections by using the appropriate key sphere is have 4 levels. Ffxs progression system, the sphere grid, looks daunting at first but its actually really simple. Personally, i have him go down wakkas section first so that he can help out with status induction in the beginning of the game. Ign s complete final fantasy x walkthrough includes stepbystep instructions for overcoming every challenge in squares classic rpg. Mods at final fantasy xx2 hd remaster nexus mods and. Then, i would recommend yunas grid because it has some useful abilities that kimahri can get to before yuna does.

Seven things i wish i knew before starting final fantasy x. In addition, make sure kimahri has learned steal and mug. You can steal a level 3 key sphere and receive a return sphere or a friend sphere from the battle. For final fantasy x on the playstation 2, a gamefaqs message board topic titled best route on sphere grid of kimahri.

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